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12 sets of screening products sent to customer with good quality and quantity


Many of the grand familiar customers know that the LZZG brand most popular products is the recovery equipment and dehydration equipment. Many customers visit our factory and working site and know we have a good reputation, a part of the customer through the purchase of equipment, personally feel that the quality of our products is worth the price.

When we want to get more share of the product market, only the customer reputation is not enough. LZZG grand team is growing, we concern more about the customer’s individual needs, tailored to the customer the right machine. Although many products look similar, but the unique technology for each working site. In addition to service for the large production customers, we focus to achieve mass production and large-scale production, we prepared specific hot models standing inventory and pursue the exquisite production technology to reduce defective parts and high-quality components.

Sent the 12 sets of dewatering equipment to Guangdong, we have only 2 weeks to complete the delivery, and prepare the car sent to the customer site, fully guarantee the customer’s production schedule of kaolin.

These efforts fully demonstrate the determination of a grand team of services, please do not hesitate to decisively contact our sales team to get more revenue.