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A simple introduction of Fine sand recycling machine


Traditional artificial sand production line, the vast majority of the wet process, no matter what type of sand washer, its biggest disadvantage is that the fine particles (below 0.16 mm) erosion is serious, some even lost more than 20%, which not only loss of production, but also seriously affect the distribution of the sand, the grading is not reasonable, fineness modulus of partial thick, greatly reduces the mechanism of sand quality of the product.Too much fine sand discharge, but also can cause the pollution of environment.
fine sand recycling machine
In order to solve the above problem, LZ series sand recycling machine operation.This machine is for slurry dewatering, medium, desliming equipment development, the biggest characteristic is can be very good to solve the problem of the fine sand drain the sand making industry.Fine sand recycling machine, also known as fine backfilling materials recycling equipment, recycling machine, fine sand extraction machine, sand collecting machine, separator, mud silt separator, sand and water mixture treatment system, etc.