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Analysis of water into the equipment when the process of sand washing


Customers buy sand washing machine equipment are most concerned about the water, because customers understand the stone washed but the water will affect the use effect, will also accelerate the extent of the damage to the components, reduce its service life. So how does the sand washing machine do?

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Just because of this, sand washing machine customer was so concerned about the waterproofing of the sand washing machine equipment, Longzhong production of sand washing  machine bearing is with butter to make lubricant to protect the bearing equipment. In addition, the bearing sealing the chalk successively victory with the bearing and lubricating oil to the effect of dual protection, make the equipment to use more safe and stable, can be completely ignore equipment water problems.

Longzhong will give every customer that come to buy equipment  the best advice, especially the one buy sand washing machine equipment ,our engineers will according to your construction site, sand, etc. and providing the specific construction ideas and methods, for customers to recommend the most suitable for his equipment, types and so on. Longzhong will try to make every customer do the rest assured that with the comfortable.