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Brief introduction of sea sand


Sea sand refers to sand that has been eroded by sea water but has not been treated by desalination, mostly from the junction of sea water and river. Generally, sea sand with high salinity, high chloride ion and some shell.


sea sand


Sea sand production line

Desalination of sea sand principle: repeated washing with fresh water, the chloride ions in sand and other indicators can reach the national standard.
Equipment: vibrating screen, sand washing machine


Sand desalination equipment working principle

(1) The first sand belt conveyor into sand sieving machine, through the sieve shell, gravel and other debris will be separated.
(2) Again into the lower vibration screen, screening again smaller shells, stones and other debris.
(3) By rotating the chute into a cleaning pool by sand washing machine for cleaning.
(4) In a cleaning pool, a sand washing machine two cleaning the sand reached the standard for building yarn.
(5) Through the sieve dehydration dehydration, through a discharge chute by belt conveyor to finished material stack.


The difference between sea sand and river sand

1. From the appearance of the difference between the sea sand and river sand
(1) From the appearance of color, color sand relatively dull, dark brown color, there are some relatively shallow.
(2) Compared with the particle thickness, the sand particles are coarser, the surface roughness is moderate, and the impurities are less. Sea sand is very thin, and some even like powder, this is absolutely not used.
(3) From the particle fragments from the point of view, generally there will be sand shells and other debris, sand pebbles will have different sizes

2. From the specification on sea sand and river sand
River sand used in construction is of certain specification. In the sand sieving process, generally divided into sand, river sand 4-8 mesh 8-16 mesh, 10-20 mesh, sand sand sand 20-40 mesh, 40-70 mesh, 50-10 mesh sand etc., this is the amount of what an inch round particles within the scope of the sand, there is still no clear such fine classification rules.

3. Different feel from the sea sand and river sand
Grab a handful of sand in the hand and then forced off, found the sticky shoot clean sand, with sticky feeling, if not sticky is river sand.