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Brief introduction of the industrial sieves and screens we used


The polyurethane screen and manganese steel screen are the most common screen we used. The Polyurethane screen is always used on the dewatering machine, meanwhile the manganese steel screen is always used on the sand washer machine.

About polyurethane screen:

Polyurethane elastomer and abrasion-resistant rubber afford the highest protection against wear and tear. Polyurethane Screens made from these materials are longer lasting and reduce noise and are self-cleaning. Their modular layout and conical openings prevent the screen from clogging and they are very suitable for wet sorting and dewatering.

About manganese steel screen:


Manganese steel screen mesh has high quality ductility and toughness. When it is strong impacted and abrased, the surface will have a strong work-hardening due to the plastic deformation. And the surface hardness can be increased to more than HRC60 so that it can obtain the high wear resistance. While the interior remains high plasticity and toughness. When the old surface is worn and torn, the new surface will form a wear-resistant layer. The average life of manganese steel vibrating screens 4 to 8 times of ordinary screen.

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