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How to improve the accuracy of Circular Vibrating Screen quickly


How to improve the accuracy of Circular Vibrating Screen quickly

As a professional screening equipment, the Circular Vibrating Screen not only has high screen efficiency but also improve the screening accuracy so as to ensure the effect of screening materials. When different types of Circular Vibrating Screen are used to screen different materials, the accuracy and yield of the sieve are different, so how can we effectively improve the sieve accuracy of Circular Vibrating Screen?
Avoid the screen blocking, increase the anti-plugging device for the equipment, and improve the screening accuracy of the machine by cleaning the screen in time. To reduce the load of vibrating screen and add materials uniformly and reasonably; Improve the opening rate of sieve plate, high hole rate is beneficial to improve the screening effect. Welding stainless steel sieve plate opening rate is usually higher, so the high yield and sieving effect requirements of enterprises can choose this way; In order to reduce the thickness of the upper material layer, we should increase the material shunt and control the amount of material. Strain the wire and tighten the belt.