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Coal treatment processing technology used in Brazil



Coal through the sieve for 13mm linear sieve grading sieve, dehydration, -13mm entry into the pit graduation. At the end of the 13-0.5mm pit in coal pit bucket type lifting machine dewatering centrifuge, then by two times after dehydration, dehydration and screen blocks of coal together as the final product, by belt conveyor to the main factory in front of coal storage yard. The pit overflow into the flotation feeding pool, the pump to the preprocessor, adding foaming agent and collector on the preprocessor, dosing after the coal slurry gravity into the flotation machine. -0.5mm slime in flotation machine selects flotation concentrate and flotation tailings of two kinds of products. Coal flotation gravity into the flotation concentrate pool, by the pump to clean coal filter press dewatering flotation concentrate dewatering, as the final product after incorporation of jigging coal. Flotation tailings flowing into condensing plant tailings pond, then by a pump to two thickener thickener, mutually standby guarantee thickener, when an accident happens, no discharge of coal slurry. Thickener underflow by filter press dewatering treatment in the main building, press slime transport to the main building field pin. Thickener overflow, press filtrate automatically flow into the circulating pool concentration in the plant, from the pump to the jig, recycling use. Jig with low pressure air by a blower through the wind supply. The coal beneficiation plants in brazil of all plant recovery of slime, wash water closed-circuit circulation, in any case no discharge of coal slurry.