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Comparative advantages of screw sand washing machine and wheel bucket sand washing machine



Sand washing machine of the sand and gravel sand production line processing for cleaning and sieving, the structure and work principle of the sand washing machine is generally relatively simple, but it do for the US industry contribution is very large. Common sand washing equipment is spiral sand washing machine and wheel bucket sand washing machine two kinds of sand washing equipment. The same as the sand washing machine working principle and the form and application of the field is also different.
We first talk about the bucket wheel sand washing machine is simple, and its shape is the hull shape, a spindle supporting the rotating bucket, sand and gravel is on gravel material processing in the rotating bucket rotation. Its main application scope in the construction site, sand production line and stone processing field. In industry, it is also used in water conservancy and hydropower as well as the glass factory and other industries. Wheel bucket sand washing machine is our country sand washing machine manufacturers and technical personnel according to the basic situation of domestic sand and gravel and market demand for the development of the. Its advantage is reasonable and simple in structure and in use in the process of production, the bucket wheel sand washing machine in the process of sand and gravel processing can effectively reduce the loss of the amount of sand and gravel, can effectively control the sand quality. Everyone knows that the sand washing machine in working process needs a lot of water sand cleaning, sand washing equipment and water contact is inevitable, but bucket wheel sand washing machine is the transmission part and the water and sand of the effective isolation. This structure make its performance guarantee, the bucket wheel sand washing machine fault rate is greatly reduced.
Spiral sand washing machine is a half tank of sand washing machine, its working principle is relatively simple, only the user at the start of the sand washing machine under the drive of the motor main shaft drives the rotating blades. Use of sand and gravel in the process of turning the machine that the water settling velocity of sand were cleaning and sieving, spiral sand washing can sand material 5-40mm, processing range is quite wide, it can gravel material sediment cleaning desliming operations effectively. Spiral sand washing machine is relatively simple, as we all know vulnerable ore dressing equipment is a very troublesome, because will replace the production of devices, and sand production line of other machinery and equipment compared to the advantages of spiral sand washing machine is mechanism is simple and easy to wear and tear parts in addition to the princes of the left spiral blade spindle is the supporting point of spiral sand washing machine, it is a spiral sand washing machine provide a steady stream of power. Therefore, to maintain the good spindle bearing, another point is its rotating impeller leaves in the long-term use of the process will inevitably cracks, the operator should be timely to sand washing equipment were detected, found the problem should be timely repair, serious to the timely replacement. For spiral sand washing machine in terms of a lot of new users in the beginning of the use of the time can not easily tell the direction of the sand washing machine spindle, which can be adjusted according to the direction of the overflow washing machine.