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Development of fine sand recycling machine



Haze has become the focus of attention of all walks of life, to prevent the haze has become a top priority. As the sand recycling machine production enterprises, what can we do? In our country, the development of the construction industry, mining mine also produced a large number of tailings, slag, to our country’s urban environment impact. So my company the tailings, slag recycling use developed a dedicated to the use of tailings, slag models — a new type of sand recycling machine production line. This machine adopts high manganese steel material, can be effective for all kinds of tailings, slag recycling. And it can effectively control the emission of dust. Reduce the impact on the environment. Process to reduce dust links. And the closed conveyor. As far as possible, reduce the gap between the material and the conveyor. The production line has the advantages of stable performance, simple process, simple structure and convenient maintenance. More important is to reduce dust emissions, energy saving and emission reduction.
Fine sand recovery device is one of the most frequently occurring hot words in mineral processing equipment in this century, and it is also the main supply equipment of industrial building materials. With the accelerated pace of urbanization, high-rise buildings are increasingly in order to promote the rapid development of sand and gravel industry.