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How to operate the dewatering screen properly.


Dewatering screen can dewater, deslim and dissolve, and can be used in the application of plant water sand, coal recovery of coal preparation plant, concentrator tailings dry line of mining equipment. Because its structure is complicated, it need to be very careful operation, so how to correctly operate dewatering screen?


Pay attention to running surroundings; If the surrounding environment is too hot, the temperature of the base and the shell of the vibrating motor can be raised easily, thus causing the heat dissipation of the vibrating motor and shortening the service life of the equipment.


Correct installation of equipment; Device of motor is an important part in the equipment.


Carefully operate the equipment; The two motors must be in reverse operation, otherwise the order will be changed. Often open the observation port to see if there is any residual foreign material on the sieve.


Check the equipment carefully; Check to see if the lifting rings are tight in place before lifting, and the roughness of the contact surface of vibration screen and vibrating motor is not less than 6.3.

Dewatering screen