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Dewatering screen brings huge economic benefits for sand washing industry


Sieve, sieve shaker dehydration is the special equipment in coal slime dewatering operation, widely used in coal slime recovery, filter through thick, filtering, dehydration and other very fine material recycling process. 1802 Dewatering screen application field is very broad, such as mining, chemical, metallurgical, coal, building materials, we often see the working in their day-to-day operations. Dehydration screen is suitable for particle size in 0.074- 5 mm, water content is less than 7%, non-viscous screening of various kinds of dry powder material, the max feed particle size is no more than 10 mm. We can use a dewatering screen in sand washing process, main effect is in a blender after separation of slag and water. In the past, it is hard to accurately choose to operation while washing sand gravel, efficiency is a bid problem, after several reforms, they introduced mixing and dehydration machine, fully mixing dewatering screen after use of its own characteristics to the sand and mud separation, sand discharge to the discharging mouth and muddy water is recycled, formed the preliminary practice of mechanical automation production. Dewatering screen can also be used in barite ore, vanadium ore and coal, and other areas, its main function is to dry after dealing with the layers of tailings and processing, to reach the national standard. Dewatering screen can be applied to a variety of production and operation is very simple, general price with long service life, quickly back to the after service, benefit is obvious.