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How can the Dewatering Screen deliver?


Dewatering Screen, used for dehydration and desilting, can be used in coal mud recycling, coal washing plant, sand industry, sand stone material factory, site wash sand and washing coal mud. Dewatering Screen is also used in mines, iron ore, etc. Before delivery, the staff will debug it to ensure the vibrating motor is normal and the exciter is in good condition for insuring the quality of the outgoing products for the customer.


The additional value of Dewatering Screen: for products with low content of mud, you can also directly use the Dewatering Screen, and do not need to use the Sand Washer, so that the customer’s cost can be saved and the same effect can be achieved.


Selection and order:

Indicate screen structure (preparation, punching, slitting), mesh size, processing capacity, material feeding size.


Dewatering Screen series also has one of the most important branch that is High Frequency Dewatering Screen. High Frequency Dewatering Screen is a kind of sieve dehydration by using its various frequency, which is the newest, energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon green screen conformed to the requirements of the construction of the sustainable development of society. The High Frequency Dewatering Sieve is mainly used in the process flow of Tailing Dewatering Screen, which is the signature equipment of the new generation Tailing Dewatering Screen.