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Do you have to use the dewatering screen for the washed sand production line



In sand washing operation, many users are using the impeller sand washing machine washing sand, but the equipment have a lot of shortcomings such as washing out of the finished sand clay content, and it is very wet, meet people on the sand clay content, low water content high standard production requirements. So the sand price does not say, it is difficult to sell. So how to solve this problem? Sand washing machine manufacturers in Longzhong heavy industries we recommend here for a special equipment for dewatering sieve sand dewatering. It can effectively solve the above problems and improve the economic benefits of customers. Dewatering screen is long heavy R & D and production for the material dehydration, desliming, dielectric devices, this device has good dehydration effect, high screening precision, high capacity, low energy consumption, low noise, small footprint, widely used in classification of sand, salt, sugar, coal, ore dressing, power the dry and wet type material and other industrial sectors. In the sand production line, dewatering screen can be installed in the rear of sand washing machine, used for cleaning, dehydration, grading two times of sand washing machine wash the sand product, this will greatly reduce the content of water in the mud, sand, sand to improve the quality and price, and improve the economic benefits of customers. So have a dewatering screen, sand mud content greater than wet can easily solve.
Longzhong heavy machinery is specializing in the production of dehydrated screen manufacturers, the production of screen types, species diversity, also can be customized. Customers are welcome to visit our factory!