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Enterprise innovation Product innovation



For a country, innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for national progress and social development, and for an enterprise, innovation is the only way for enterprises to grow and develop. Therefore, if an enterprise does not innovate, it will stagnate, it will be eliminated. The innovation of the enterprise should cover all departments of the enterprise, including product innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation, enterprise culture innovation, management innovation and so on. Among them, product innovation plays a key role in the development strategy of the enterprise.
The so-called product innovation is to improve and create products to further meet the needs of consumers or open up new markets. From here we can see that product innovation should include two aspects: first, the new product innovation; the two is to improve product innovation. Compared with the improvement of product innovation, the new product innovation on the enterprise’s innovation ability has a greater test, not only the need to stimulate the market demand, but also need to promote their own scientific and technological innovation. However, no matter what kind of product innovation form, must meet the practical demand of the market, otherwise the product does not have the market, will not get the support of consumers, will not realize the value of the product itself.
At present, the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. The most serious problem of fierce competition in the market is the product homogenization, product homogenization serious is not conducive to the development of the enterprise itself, but also the healthy development of the whole crusher industry has hindered. In order to solve this problem, the product innovation. Product innovation is not only a big business, small and medium-sized crusher enterprises should improve product innovation awareness, and through their own efforts and strengthen exchanges and cooperation, in order to improve their scientific and technological innovation ability.