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The overall economy of the fine sand recovery machine.


The chief drawback about traditional system of sand production line that sand particles (below 0.16 mm) loss is very serious and some even lost more than 20%, which not only affect the production, also affect the distribution of the sand. In addition, too much fine emissions will cause the pollution of environment. The LZZG fine sand recycling machine can solve this problem very well.

fine sand recycling machine

The transmission system of the fine sand recovery machine is isolated from the water, and is seldom corroded by water. The overall economy of fine sand recycling machine is better.

The advantages of fine sand recycling machine:

1.simple construction   2. simple maintenance   3. saving water resources   4. durable

LZZG fine sand recycling machine has many advantages. There are complete fine sand recycling machine models. The model of the fine sand recovery machine can be selected according to the requirement of hourly output and power.