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The new type of fine sand recycling machine is very powerful.


As a long – time and fine sand recovery equipment, the environmental friendly sand recycling machine has been used in many industries. The new technology are integrated into the production of environment-friendly fine sand recycling machine, which makes its production performance more perfect and shows remarkable strength.

The fine sand recycling range is wide: hard material can be made rough broken. They are extensive use in the construction, building materials, mining, highway, water conservancy and other industries and can recycle limestone, quartz, basalt, quartz, copper ore, and so on a variety of material.

High quality equipment: a new type of fine sand recycling machine is selected for the production of new special alloy materials, and integrates advanced technology to ensure the quality of the equipment and reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

Production capacity: new sand recycling machine further improves the production efficiency, different models have different production capacity.

fine sand recycling machine