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High EfficientAssistant —LZ Sand Washing & Recycling Machine


Atpresent, the artificial sand has a large demand in the market, In most cases, it is often in short supply, so the artificial sand making production line gradually been on the agenda.But in sand production line production using sand washer, wash the sand is not very ideal.Because of the sand washer cleaned the water in the sand, mud, stone powder, the content of impurities is very big, and fine sand erosion which makes the sand thickness distribution is not reasonable, greatly affects the quality and price of the sand.In order to solve this problem LZZG has been in constant research and innovation, finally Sand Washing & Recycling Machine successfully developed.


LZZG Sand Washing & Recycling Machine is the most advanced sand washing equipment in the present domestic , compared with other sand washer, it has the incomparable advantage.This equipment is a consortium of sand washing machine and fine sand recycling machine so that both the performance and the advantages of the two devices, has the function of washing sand and fine sand recycling.LZZG Sand Washing & Recycling Machine can wash machine wash out of the finished product grade of sand for secondary cleaning, their dehydration, substantially reducing the mud, impurities and water content in sand, to improve the quality and price of the sand;Recycling for the loss of sand, make the thickness of sand is very reasonable.Thus it can be seen in the process of making sand, the Sand Washing & Recycling Machine has a great impact on the sand yield and quality, so the investment of a device is very useful.

LZZG Sand Washing & Recycling Machine has low investment costs, transportation, easy installation, long service life, energy conservation and environmental protection advantages, it is indispensable equipmentto the artificial sand making production line.