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How high temperature influence the cement mill?


leimengmo (1)

1.The high temperature of cement will influence its workability because it will make the cement concrete to produce differential temperature stress which will cause concrete cracking.

2.It will seriously influence the storage, packaging and transportation of cement, and make the packing bag become crisp, thus increasing the breakage rate and worsening the working environment of the labors.

3.It is harmful to the grinding mill. It will raise the temperature of the bearing and weaken the lubrication effect, and make the cylinder produce some thermal stress which will cause the screws of the lining board to break off; and what is more, the grinding mill will not run continuously, thus damaging the equipment.

4.It will increase the temperature of the materials that go into the powder concentrator, so that the adhesion of the internal wall and the fan blade of the powder concentrator will increase too.

5.It will cause the gypsum to dehydrate to semi-hydrated gypsum and even anhydrite and cause the cement to falsely curdle which will influence the quality of cement and make the cement that is stored cake.