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How is the after-sales service of LZZG?


Now in the market when it comes to fine sand recycling machine, the first thing you can think of is LZZG. LZZG has been as a pilot in tail sand recovery industry brand, so How is the after-sales service ofLZZG?


Case 1:

It is reported, in early 2015, wuyang sand factory purchase a sand recycling machine from LZZG, the wash rate is high, greatly reduce the turnover rate, improve the quality of sand washing clean sand production for the customer has made a great contribution.In January, due to the use for a long time, sand recycling machine in maintenance period, after receiving calls after solid sand factory, Mr. Wang from LZZG immediately to the on-site service for customers.

According to relevant personage introduces, Mr.Wand even to the scene, immediately maintenance the sand recycling machine in nearly ten below zero degrees of wind , in subsequent production, better than the master again bother explaining the operation of the sand washing equipment for sand factory staff and common faults of the solution, let sand factory was touched by the employees.

Case 2:

Guizhou guiyang customer order LZZG LZ750 sand recycling equipment, use half a year later, due to improper operation, operators sand recycling machine recovery rate has declined.Customers don’t know what circumstance, dial LZZG in the 400-658-0379’s. LZZG immediately dispatched a disco notification to the scene to check the situation.

Comrade disco arrived at the scene and found the original is fine sand recycling machine vibration motor, frequency, lead to sand recycling machine can’t work normally.A few minutes of time to fix this little problem, and the fine sand recycling machine operation personnel training.Customers very satisfied for disco comrade after-sales.

LZZG for more than 10 years with the high quality sand recycling machine, dry tailing row screen equipment quality and perfect after-sales service won the trust of customers. LZZG received a thank-you note for many times, the customer in the letter to thank LZZG serious and responsible after-sales service personnel, at the same time also expressed LZZG of fine sand recycling machine equipment is satisfied with the quality, efficiency and energy saving performance, and to longzhong heavy industry’s future development to give the best wishes.