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How to choose Sand Recycling Machine?


Fine sand recycling equipment can not only recycle lost of fine sand production of related products, but also can greatly reduce the processing of waste liquid and material, at same time can reduce environmental pollution , the fine sand recycling equipment purchase, should pay attention to the following questions:

sand recycling machine

First of all, the core is before buying must communicate with factory technical personnel in detail.Because only good communication can understand each other, so the manufacturer can know our basic situation, then according to the corresponding production situation for we recommend a true for products.

Secondly, it is pay attention to the quality ofthe fine sand recycling equipment.Product quality problems, is everyone CARES about, here we don’t do too much introduction.When you buy the products you need to pay special attention to several key parts of the equipment, such as slurry pump, cyclone, vibrators, such as the core component, is also problematic in the use, must be more careful when buying.

Finally,you also need to pay attention to some of the details in the process of purchase and after-sales service. This to be more pay attention to when buy, including fine sand recycling equipment , the details of the manufacturers in the sales process and communication, etc.In fact, the big field will make the equipment manufacturer is basically do the same, but really do spend time in detail.Although the value of these details can bring us is not big, but from one side or can reflect the situation of the equipment and the company.Another is in the process of communicate with factory workers, the factory can provide services also shows the strength of the manufacturers.Especially for equipment transportation, installation and technical support in the late service, spare parts supply, etc., are also very important.