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How to correctly and safely install the fine sand recycling machine



  1. Fine sand recovery equipment arrived at the scene, the user according to the acceptance of the delivery list.
  1. First wash tank in advance on the basis of concrete, steel frame according to the level of more than four error of plus or minus 2 mm.
  1. Install circular vibrating screen, four support beam loaded spring bearing seat, the spacing is basically equal, the following parallel, rubber spring, vertical to the ground plane tighten the clamp bolt, motor line.
  1. Installed in the pump body; the pump body after leveling on the base, the mat foundation. Fine sand recovery before loading the pump and valve, pressure pipe and washing tank, to find water pipe alignment and welding, no leakage, two after the dry solid anchor bolts. The rotation direction of the motor, try, try to connect the direction of the power line to match the pump body, and then again with the flange butt, anchor bolt fastening motor after the re alignment. The pump is not empty load operation.
  1. Cyclone: sand recycling U steel support machine installed into the container will be docked on the cyclone outlet reflux pipe bending, bending of the bottom cover is inserted into the feed back before cyclone content out of the box, welding installation, and tighten the bolts. With the diameter of 76 mm to ensure they skim rubber material, the bottom is connected to the pump outlet pipe and wire.
  1. Overflow rubber hose, and according to the field situation into the sink.

This is the installation steps of fine sand recovery machine, sand recycling machine installation personnel in the installation process can refer to the steps of the installation work.