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How to detect the stability of sand recycling plant



Fine sand recycling plant is Longzhong combination of advanced technology at home and abroad, a detailed study of the actual situation of our country and specialized R & D design has the world’s advanced level of mineral industry machinery and equipment. Mortar which is widely used in Hydropower Station sand gravel aggregate processing system, glass raw material processing system, artificial system sand production line, the coal preparation plant coarse slime recycling and environmental engineering etc., which can effectively solve the sand recycling issues. Measurement and control system of general sand recycling machine equipment is generally by the sensor, actuating device, computer and peripheral equipment interface, charged with the quantitative evaluation of the reliability. During the execution of the task of sand recycling machine, the occurrence of local fault is permissible. Regardless of whether this failure is eliminated during the execution of the task, as long as the fine sand recovery machine can be scheduled to complete the required functions, we believe that the system is reliable.
1. sand recycling equipment reliability testing. It is the producers in the production process had already established a reliability, and manufacturers in the selection of materials, components, parts and components, design scheme, hardware and software structure, manufacturing process, assembled in art is closely related to. It is the intrinsic reliability of fine sand recovery equipment, sand recycling equipment once it has been created, its inherent reliability established.
2.Check the working reliability of sand recycling equipment before again. It is related to the packaging, transportation, storage process and the actual process environment, operation level, maintenance technology and other factors.
3.Check the reliability of the final sand recycling equipment at work. This refers to the reliability of sand recycling equipment in the actual operation or mission time. The reliability of measurement and control system of sand recycling equipment generally refers to the normal operation of its work reliability. The reliability of the sand recycling equipment reliability by the composition of the system components or equipment to express.