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How to judge the failure of the hammer for Hammer Impact Crusher


Hammer crusher of hammer crusher is one of the most important components, just look at the hammer crusher’s name we can know what it means for a hammer, so we must pay attention to the daily production of hammer maintenance and maintenance, as well as the problems timely replacement. Although the choice of materials in the head are made of wear resistance materials, but there was a period of use, according to the situation encountered in the actual work is different, so how to determine the service life of the hammer is expired, what is the logo,the hammer can no longer continue to use?


Hammer crusher hammer in the work surface and the angular position did not produce early wear changes, the main force hammer impact force, the material with positive force on the surface deformation of the impact hammer and bump on the surface, but when the hammer is worn, because its surface force surface decomposition. Hammer the normal force normal force of hammer impact, while the tangential force of hammer to scour the good cutting effect. This can cause the hammer type crusher in the crushing material when the impact is not enough, the crushing efficiency is low, and the production time is prolonged.

So the change of crusher hammer force and abrasion is the main form of failure of the hammer.