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How to maintain daily of mining machinery.


In the production practice of mine equipment, wear of mining machine is often encountered, which greatly affects the equipment or product performance and production efficiency. Luoyang longzhong heavy machinery co., LTD., regards product quality as the life. In mining equipment parts, we use the domestic high-quality and wear-resistant material, greatly increasing the service life of parts. According to the different equipment operation environment, we can provide you with product maintenance scheme, and completely solve the general problems of customers.


The engineering staff of luoyang longzhong heavy industrial machinery co., LTD., remind you that if we really want to keep good mining equipment, we shouldkonw more information about equipment maintenance.

First, the machine should avoid crash to ensure that the machinery is neat and not to be subject to corrosive chemicals.

Secondly, the mechanical bearing of the mining machinery bears the whole load of the machine, so the life of lubricated bearings directly affects the operation rate and production needs of machinery. Therefore, the lubricating oil must be cleaned and the seal must be good.

Finally, routine inspection equipment, so that mechanical failure can be check and judge fast in order to solve the problems timely and accurately. In the use process of mechanical equipment, the environment management of machinery must be strengthened.

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