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How to reduce the noise pollution of sand recycling plant



Sand recycling equipment is a kind of artificial sand production line of sand discharge of sewage recycling for mechanical equipment. The device plays a vital role in improving the yield and quality of the mechanism of sediment and fine sand recovery recovery equipment of sand in improving the mechanism of sediment yield and quality at the same time, the corresponding improves the mechanism of sediment product price, causes the enterprise to obtain the higher economic benefit.
But sand recycling equipment in operation, due to the working principle of the machine, and other aspects of the reasons, some noise. As is known to all, noise pollution and air pollution, is one of several major pollution, it will harm the human body. The noise of sand recycling equipment, will cause some physical harm to the long-term working in the shop operators. So we must take some necessary measures to reduce the noise pollution of sand recycling equipment.
The sand recycling equipment installation, to ensure that the bolts in place, a solid foundation. Because prevent startup, sand recycling equipment is unstable and noisy. After the sand recycling equipment installation, commissioning can let the manufacturers installation inspectors about the safety performance of the equipment. If the new sand recycling design with the old equipment used together, pay attention to see whether the coordination of old and new equipment, will produce a resonance phenomenon. Generally speaking, skilled operation of fine sand recovery equipment operators can according to its wealth of experience to the noise source of fine sand recovery equipment judgment.
Sand recycling equipment to produce noise is generally transmitted via the air, but solid propagation speed to much larger than that of the air speed. If the sand recycling equipment noise decibels more than matching the parameter range, then it is likely that parts wear solid caused by the spread of noise. This time should of fine sand recovery equipment of easy wear parts of inspection, maintenance and lubrication and other measures to the relevant position; if it is fine sand recovery equipment noise decibel in the matching range of noise, is because the outside air borne and cause the noise increased, the according to the actual production conditions set to adapt the barrier for mute processing.
Effectively reduce noise pollution in sand recycling equipment can ensure the health of the operator, but also can reduce the rate of fine sand recovery equipment in the production process of fault. Therefore, in fine sand recovery equipment operation, users have to pay close attention to the sand recycling equipment to produce noise, and timely take measures to reduce the noise pollution of fine sand recovery equipment.