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Longzhong is a manufacturer specializing in the production of sand washing machine, sand making machine, sieve sand machine, vibrating screen, sand recycling machine equipment, Longzhong warmly welcomes the user to come to visit and consultation! Longzhong equipment Tel: 86-0379-65160016

Traditional mechanism sand production line of wet, in the use of the process of sand washing machine will discharge some of the sand soil cement mixtures, flow sedimentation tank. This process is easy to cause the loss of sand, especially less than 0.16 mm particles of sand, the sand is fine, sand washing machine does not wash out, 20% of the fine sand drain, can not be used, resulting in fineness index relatively coarse and seriously affects the quality of machine-made sand and fine sand too much loss, pollution of the environment, while the precipitation pool of transport is also a sum of no small cost. Long in order to solve the problem actively and exploratory experiments, finally developed sand recycling machine has advanced level. Sand soil cement mixture is fed into the cyclone in the fine sand recovery equipment of slurry pump, centrifugation, the grading of sand by grit mouth provides to the linear vibration sieve, after dehydration vibration sieve, fine sand and water are effectively separated, a small amount of fine sand, mud and other the back feed box back to cleaning tank, again and again until the separation of sand soil cement.
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