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Longzhong high-frequency dewatering screen advantage:



1, efficient high-frequency dewatering screen design into the main part of the sieve plate in the horizontal direction on the side 5 degrees, dewatering screen sieve plate and the rear part of the motherboard form an angle of 45 degrees, two balance vibration motor installed horizontally, a on top of another, generated by the rotation of the unbalanced gravity rotary effect to sieve for more stable.
2, using a dual vibration motor excitation, structure compact and rugged, get rid of the disadvantages of traditional eccentric vibrator structure, oil spills, wear large, large noise, inconvenient maintenance and the like.
3. The side body guard board of the dewatering sieve is stuck with the rubber to ensure that the dewatering screen is not affected by the abrasion, and the deformation is broken, and the pollution of iron to the material is reduced.
4, high-frequency dewatering screen  using the embedded wear-resistant urethane combination screen, its life than traditional metal screen high 3-10 times, to avoid the metal frame screen and ore direct collision, reduce noise, reduce metal screen heavy feeling.
5, the dewatering screen of the damping device is a rubber vibration damper, more suitable for wet conditions, both damping and durable.
6, Longzhong product improvement: efficient multi frequency dewatering sieve with sieve plate on the side of the hole, let some water from the hole rapid outflow and accelerate the dehydration speed. In addition, but also to avoid the due to the water splashed to the motor caused by damage to the phenomenon.