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Longzhong sand recycling machine to improve the performance advantage of history


Longzhong sand recycling machine has many advantages of improved performance

1, high quality mesh, quality assurance, dehydration sieve using polyurethane screen longer, without plugging holes.
2, high quality sand separator, long service life of the lining of polyurethane, improve the service life of the whole device can be successfully completed slurry concentration, liquid clarification and other work.
3, advanced technology, structural precision, drawing on the world advanced manufacturing technology, digital analysis of the operation of the parts, the internal structure of precision, equipment service life is greatly extended.
4, the full recovery and reducing sedimentation tank, the fine sand get full recovery, reduce the workload of sedimentation tank and reduce the cost of the sedimentation tank cleaning.
5, the structure is simple, easy maintenance, after several field test and improvement, streamline the redundant components, the overall structure of the equipment is simple and efficient, strong recovery ability, operation and maintenance, low operating costs and so on.
Customer demand is the direction of our efforts. The company not only in the existing production processes to protect the quality of the advantages of products, but also adhere to innovative research and development technology, has always been to the international leading level of impact.