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Longzhong sand washing machine cleaning sand is becoming the mainstream


Artificial sand, also known as the mechanism of sand, is made of sand blasting machine for a variety of materials used in the construction of the building after the field of sand and gravel. Because of the shortage of resources in Longzhong natural sand sand washing machine cleaning sand is becoming the mainstream.
The natural sand is generally refers to the formation of river sand and the sand of the sea and other natural sand material, because of the limited amount, long period, state control strict. Price is soaring, is comparable to that of gold. Therefore artificial sand has become the trend of the times.
Of artificial sand is not only the method is simple, and is rich in resources, common river gravel and weathered rock, basalt stones stones can crushing production mechanism sand (specific details please search the site about sand production line “article). The mechanism of sand production process because of the need of stones to be broken, it will produce a lot of dust, the content will be greater than the river sand clay content and artificial mechanism sand must be after water flush cleaning before they can be used. Longzhong after 10 years of practice and improvement of the powder sand washing machine can effectively cleaning mechanism of sand in the powder dust, and multi-stage filtration, fine sand recovery, wastewater reuse characteristics of Longzhong powder sand washing machine after proper adjustment can also clean common river sand, can also be of sea sand desalination truly a multi-purpose machines.
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