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LZZG fine sand recovery machine improves production of sand.


LZZG fine sand recovery machine

In the production of artificial sand, a lot of sand plant will appear fine sand loss seriously, sand production is low, and quality is poor. LZZG fine sand recycling machine specially used to solve the serious sand loss and low sand production.

The fine sand recovery machine adopts the advanced technology. The most important feature of this equipment is the efficient recovery of fine sand and fine materials. Longzhong fine sand recovery machine mainly has the following structural parts: motor, vacuum high-pressure pump, sediment separator, TS dewatering screen, cleaning tank and return tank. It can effectively reduce the flow loss of fine sand and keep it within 5%, which means that more than 95% of the fine sand in the waste water can be recovered by the fine sand recycling machine. In this way, the output of sand can be improved greatly, and it is also conducive to the reasonable distribution of sand.