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Sand Recycling Equipment Used In Wet Purification of Bentonite



Bentonite also known as bentonite rock,is a kind of montmorillonite as the main minerals of clay rock.Qualitative pure bentonite is rare, which contain different amounts of impurities, such as quartz, feldspar, mica, zeolite, its purity by origin,therefore, bentonite have to be purified.

The main purification methods of bentonite is divided into dry process purification methodand wet purification.Dry purification, simple technological process, large capacity, product quality is not high;Wet purification, purification of bentonite by the tertiary, and the content of montmorillonite can be increased to 90%, but water consumption is big, the production cycle is long, cost is higher, the key is can’t be removed tiny particles.

Wet purification process is commonly:  First of all,crushed the original soilto the particle size of bentonite particles (+) is less than 5 mm; Then, in a ratio of about 3:1, add water and stir into paste, and then let stand, the quartz, feldspar, carbonate, sand mineral natural sedimentation; Last, the rest of the suspension can continue to natural sedimentation method is used to make the sand mineral further settlement, also can join polyacrylamide flocculant, to promote the settlement of montmorillonite further, namely flocculation method.This method can get good quality products, the disadvantage is that settling time is long, covers an area of big, the production efficiency is low.


LZZG in the production of fine sand recycling equipment used in wet purification of bentonite, not only can effectively resolve the dry process purification environmental pollution, product quality is not high, also can solve the small particles for the purification of wet process can’t be removed impurities, high cost, long production cycle, and other issues.

Fine sand recycling equipment using the characteristics of bentonite in water soluble of bentonite in removing impurity, purification, fine sand recycling equipment sieve dehydration can get rid of the tiny particles of bentonite.Fine sand recycling equipment and other materials, recycling is the finished product material;In the bentonite processing, recycling is coarse slag is impurity, is not to waste, discharge of slurry water is purified bentonite, purity can meet customer satisfaction.Of course, these mud water or by settling basin precipitation is needed to get the finished product.