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A new type of environmental friendly sand recycling machine sales rose.


At the beginning of the New Year, sales of LZZG fine sand recycling have been rising, among which the sales of LZZG new environment-friendly fine sand recycling machines have increased obviously. Is there anything unique about this device?

Performance of a new type of environmentally friendly sand recycling machine

After optimization, the new green sand recycling machine improves the one-time processing material, further expand the scope of the production capacity and processing material and recycle metal and nonmetal ore, sandstone, pebbles, sand recycling materials etc, which has a prominent advantage in mining, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, construction, cement and other industries .

sand recycling machine

Bearing adopts integral casting steel structure, at the same time we also enhance the bearing capacity of the bearing, reduce the gap, reduce the shaking in the equipment in the production process and improve the stability of production.

The new type of green sand recycling machine adopts the wedge block adjustment device, which is more convenient to adjust, and has a wider range of material granularity to meet the production needs of different users.