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Sand washing machine manufacturers to resolve the price of equipment


As consumers buy a product when the first thought is the price, the customer came to Longzhong to buy sand washing equipment is the first thing to talk about the price. So as a sand washing machine manufacturers, we can not say whether the price of sand washing machine can be said to calculate it? The answer is to be able, but not all powerful. The reason has the following several points:

1, the cost of raw materials
As a washing machine equipment, iron and steel accounted for 90% of the proportion of sand washing machine prices by the impact of steel prices is relatively large, which is obvious. Fluctuation of domestic iron and steel price is bound to affect the price trend of sand washing machine. To reduce the amount of steel from the lower price is feasible, but as a professional sand washing machine manufacturers of sand washing equipment is the first quality, reduce the quality of products and thus reduce the cost is absolutely not.
2, labor costs
At the present stage Chinese workforce decreased gradually, professional technicians is hard to find one. Workers’ technical level directly affects the service life of the product. Futong machinery to professional and technical workers, as the first productivity, flowers large price culture and the introduction of a number of professional welders, Turner, fitter etc.. From the drawings to the installation are more than 5 years of work experience in the work of the master, to ensure that any link to one hundred percent to achieve quality requirements.
3, transportation and after-sales cost