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Save sand washing machine before saling and improve product toughness


Many consumers when treating the sand washing machine as the equipment investment, filled with hope and longing for. Therefore, how to transform this wonderful sales expectations for the joy of success is what sand washing machine manufacturers in the pre-sale, sale and after-sale should to do.


Sand washing machine production and sales is not only a complete system, and each step is linked between. Detail decides success or failure, after the sand washing machine products, often through the test machine and site planning, storage, sand washing machine can not timely pre sales, sometimes after a period of time storage, a regular debugging, to allow the equipment to achieve the best running status; on the other side for customer purchase provide a choice, product pre-sales storage is also taking part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools whether the product quality standard, sand washing machine how to improve the toughness of the important details is how to save.

So how to carry out pre – cleaning sand washing machine to save as well as improve the toughness of it?
The analysis is as follows:
Due to the metal products in the storage process will appear rust oxidation phenomenon, caused by the toughness decreases. Therefore, in the production process of sand washing machine paint job to uniform and meticulous, in accordance with the standards for the packaging requirements, good storage of rust, in outdoor storage to pay attention to store the flat area and hardness, can prevent caused due to uneven ground sand washing machine is the tilt and subsidence, internal click and bearings and other key components of every period of time of lubrication and maintenance, so as to ensure the run in the debugging process can be perfect, circuit and moisture-proof seal is also in the process of storage to careful custody.