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Shoulder the mission of social machinery



With the increase in infrastructure projects, aggregate demand is growing, while the natural sand obviously has been unable to meet the market demand and aggregate, the earliest people rely on the sand production mechanism of artificial power, mainly rely on artificial stone hammer will be broken into small grain size, grain shape and grain size of finished time consumption and aggregate no control, size, unable to control the quality of products, aggregate utilization rate is low, there is an urgent need for broken sand production line a mechanization.
In view of this situation, Luoyang longzhong carried out years of painstaking research, launched a series of sand production line of energy-saving environmental protection and high degree of automation. The production line is suitable for river gravel, limestone, granite etc.. Design of full closed structure, zero emission, low noise, low vibration of the production line, according to the mechanism of sand, ready mixed concrete and dry mixed mortar industry characteristics tailored to the user set, crushing, shaping, powder control, gradation adjustment mechanism sand moisture control in one, equipped with intelligent remote management system, change from now on the traditional concept of sand industry “dirty, chaotic and poor”.