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Strictly follow the operating rules when the sand recycling machine working


Installation and operation of sand recycling equipment in particular:5
1, the first step in the sand recycling equipment arrived at the scene after the user shall be checked according to the cargo list.
2, the second sand recycling washing trough placed in the concrete foundation on the pre watering device, need to find a level in the channel frame, error range between four points is not more than 2mm.
3, the third step installation of vibrating screen, four supporting beam vibrating screen with spring, and installed on the supporting seat, spacing between support beams to substantially equal, supporting seat on the plane to keep parallel, rubber spring and the ground plane to remain vertical, tighten the clamp bolt is connected with the motor line.
4, the fourth step installation of pump body, pump body and sand recycling equipment placed on the ground, the pump body base after leveling and ground pad. The front end of the pump body is provided with a valve, a water inlet pipe and a washing trough. The water outlet pipe to find alignment, and shall not be welded firmly Water Leakage. Two anchor grouting solidified fastening bolt. The first motor power line test rotation direction should be consistent with the direction of the pump body, and then find the anchor bolt and flange butt, then tighten the motor is cut, attention can not be empty load operation of the pump body.
5, the fifth step installation of cyclone, and the water outlet pipe flow channel will support docking will be installed in the cyclone feed back on the box, pipe is inserted into the back box and the upper cover plate and welding material. Install the front end of the cyclone outlet box and tighten the bolts. Install with 76mm feeding rubber tube, and the lower end outlet of the pump body and pipe connection hoop with wire.
6, the final installation of overflow rubber pipe and according to the situation of the water tank.