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Tailings dewatering screen solves a lot of problems


Tailings dewatering screen,dewatering plant

1, tailings occupy a lot of land. As of the end of 2009, China’s Tailings pile up to about 13000000 acres of land occupied, with the increasing amount of tailings per year, will occupy more land.
2, tailings and waste a lot of mineral resources. Tailings also contain a large number of valuable components. Such as the iron grade of iron ore tailings in China averaged 12%, some even up to 27%, existing in China’s iron ore tailings contains about Tieda 5.4 million tons. China’s gold mine tailings annual emissions of 1.5 tons, the current total stockpiles of 500 million calculation, which still contains more than 300 tons of gold. Non metallic minerals in tailings are not only of great stock, but also some of the potential characteristics of high added value applications. If these tailings can not be comprehensive utilization, will cause a huge waste.
3, tailings seriously polluted the environment. In the tailings pond, the fly ash is produced, and the “artificial desert” is formed, and the heavy metal ions in the tailings are polluted by surface water and underground water, which seriously pollute the environment.
4, tailings produced great security risks.

5 ,tailings dewatering equipment plays an important role in solving the tailings.