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The advantages of a rubber spring for dewatering screens



1, can be made into a variety of different shapes, scales of products. It is compact in layout and useful in space use.
2, the coefficient of elasticity of rubber than metal, and with hardness changes in a large range change, so change the rubber hardness, can be achieved different spring stiffness, the rubber spring with the same shape, its stiffness can also be selected in a certain range. Therefore, the stiffness of the spring can also be changed by changing the internal layout of the spring (changing the size of the inter hole, etc.).
3. The rigidity of the three directions of the rubber spring can be described according to the actual needs. In addition, the rubber spring can also be subjected to shearing deformation and contraction deformation together.
4, rubber spring friction damping ratio of metal spring is much larger, so the rubber spring vibration sieve machine launched after parking the resonance region, showing the amplitude of the machine is much smaller than the spiral spring vibration sieve, near resonant vibration so the selection of rubber spring, its amplitude is relatively stable, but the ratio of energy to metal spring.
5, rubber spring transmission sound resistance than the metal spring much larger, so sound insulation is better, work time noise is small.