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The important part of GP Tailing Dewatering Screen—–Hydrocyclone


The all new GP Tailing Dewatering Screen produces by Luoyang LZZG install the part —–Hydrocyclone. The part has used in production line of GP Tailing Dewatering Screen, so what impacts have the Hydrocyclone. Luoyang LZZG will tell you about the impact.


The range of application about Hydrocyclone

The Hydrocyclone is widely used in one stage of ore grinding, tow stage of ore grinding and ore regrinding and have a good effect. Works of building dam and filling dam can be completed. It also can solve the problems of leaking ore in the dam body, collapsing of beach face, out of limits in water emission, and can bring currently economic benefits and social benefits.


The impact of Hydrocyclone in GP Tailing Dewatering Screen

When using Hydrocyclone to grading sand, the thick sand will stay in dam body; the thin sand will flow toward tailing ponds. And then the thin ore pulp and ore will grade naturally in the processing. Clear water areas lie in the final area of tailing ponds. The preliminary classification of Hydrocyclons can grade most of granularity and reduce the filter load in order to superior effect.