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The install attention of GP Tailing Dewatering Screen


GP Tailing Dewatering Screen is researched by Luoyang LZZG and specialized in tailing and dewatering of ore or metal on the basis of vibrating screen, which can be used in tailing dewatering of iron ore, copper, gold ore and aluminum ore. GP Tailing Dewatering Screen is low cost, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and easy maintenance.


In the first, GP tailing screen is a kind of large equipment, so you need to choose steady place to install the machine in order to avoid the problem of low bearing capacity.


You should check in every accessory whether these accessories are complete or wearing before installing machine and then can install it. GP Tailing Dewatering Screen should be fixed in concrete by designing basic construction figure according to detail situations and be promised reasonable lean angle when installed it. You should rotate rotor to adjust crush or block after the machine is adjusted in the above conditions. As the most important equipment of tailing dewatering line, we should ensure that the machine can make full use of tailing dewatering in production line to make economic benefits.


GP Tailing Dewatering Screen produced by Luoyang LZZG has been used in various tailing production line and has a good reputation in market. Welcome to select and purchase GP Tailing Dewatering Screen.