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The maintenance of the fine sand recycling machine


In the process of using fine sand recycling machine, should maintenance, because of the fine sand recycling machine the whole process of operation, a lot of impurities will follow his whole shock to his other accessories, after running for a day, by the professional staff for a thorough cleaning, so as to ensure that it is no excess of some of the other parts of the impurities will be kept inside, in the process of the next run or relatively smoothly, if not on the fine sand recycling machine to clean, so more and more of these impurities in the runtime might give you some spare parts to get stuck, so forcibly to operation, it will cause the damage of the fine sand recycling machine.

fine sand recycling machine

There are four type of maintenance as following.

Firstly, the mechanical method: oil will adhere to the surface of a workpiece demoulding agent, such as polymer materials, surface agent, can use sand paper to grind method.

Secondly, the physical therapy: used for bonding nonpolar polymer.

Thirdly, chemical processing, acid or strong oxidant to remove surface oil, combined with the natural polarity of carbon materials.

Fourthly: rubber surface, radiation grafting methyl methacrylate, acrylic acid, vinyl acetate, and polyethylene, polypropylene polar materials, such as fluorine plastic non-polar materials monomer treatment, can effectively improve the surface performance, improve the welding quality, but a higher degree.