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The method of improve fine sand recycling machine efficiency


LZ sand extraction machine has two feeding way. One is overflow into the feeding way and the other is falls into the material. First, he overflow into the feeding way, this way is to ensure the impeller into the partical size uniform, when to make the material flow of fine sand extraction machine impeller achieve maximum running speed, again into the material through the overflow into the vortex of crushing cavity inside the outer edge of the impeller, make full use of the impeller, vortex crushing cavity milling effect. And another way is organ falls into the expected, the feed granularity is greater than the feeding granularity of impeller, can take advantage of the two into the material feeding mouth, LZ sand extraction machine, change material drop direction, forming a continuous extraction of sand production, reduce wear LZ sand extraction machine, improve the efficiency of the LZ sand extraction machine, and can reduce the energy consumption of LZ sand extraction machine.

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LZ sand extraction machine has special light oil lubrication cycle system, to ensure that the temperature rise within 25 ℃.LZ oil filtration system, ensure no accident to bearings and other transmission wear and tear, so as to stabilize the service life.Hydraulic equipment, automatic flip, reduce labor intensity of labor, convenient in maintenance, fundamentally improve the use efficiency.Aggregate material way under the blow, blow iron and organ falling material model, according to demand free adjustment, fundamentally solves the problem of multi-usage.Excellent sling wheel design greatly reduces the material through the resistance, improve the recycle and crushing ratio, than traditional sand extraction machine efficiency increased by 30% – more than 60%.LZ sand hot riveting new technology on extraction machine frame for the first time, strengthen the equipment structure strength and toughness, LZ sand extraction machine running smoothly, making the quality of LZ sand extraction machine up to a whole new level.LZ sand extraction machine adopts world advanced light oil leakage prevention device and obviate the necessity of replacing oil seal.LZ sand extraction machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, suitable for the sand and gravel on the market demand, and as a result of the new national building standards, makes the natural sandstone has can’t meet the needs of construction, artificial sand can be very good to ensure the construction quality standards, LZ sand extraction machine has become a new development prospects, market is very broad.After entering the new century to LZ energy-saving sand extraction machine knowledge, only in this way in choosing equipment can be done only when the most high quality production and application in our country to produce artificial sand teaching mature is the large construction projects, LZ sand extraction machine for the engineering construction of form a complete set of application of production system and the use of artificial sand is perfect and mature experience, in recent years the trend of development is very good, fine sand extraction production line put into production made in all large and medium-sized cities have speeded up the development pace, artificial sand standards has been recognized by more and more people.
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