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The new features of sand recycling machine


sand recycling machine

1, the traditional artificial sand wet processing technology, artificial sand washing, dewatering using spiral sand washing machine, sand fine sand in the loss of almost no control. The fine sand recovery system can effectively reduce the loss of the amount of fine sand, the control within 5% – 10%, very good solve the artificial aggregate processing system of finished product fineness modulus of sand high, stone powder content on the low side of the problem.
2, vibrating screen with polyurethane screen screen than other types of longer life, and will not plug hole.
3, the fine particles are fully recovered, reducing the workload of the sedimentation tank, reducing the cost of cleaning the settling tank.
4, the flow of the lining of polyurethane, improve the service life of the whole device, can be successfully completed slurry concentration, liquid clarification and other work.
5, 85% of the largest total recycling of fine particulate material, with other equipment unparalleled technology and manager advantage.
6, reduce the fine material stacking time, can be directly transported to the supply market.
7, according to the user’s different requirements, design different solutions