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The screening capacity of lzzg tailings dewatering screen


Why is different for the efficiency of the tailings dewatering screen of the same manufacturer? This problem has perplexed many customers, and now the technical staff in longzhong answered several factors that affect the efficiency of tailings dehydration screening:

The physical properties of the material in tailings dehydration screen; including the particle size composition, moisture content, and the shape of the particles.

When the content of fine grain is large, the productivity of the sieve is also large.

When the humidity of the material is large, the screening efficiency will be reduced. In order to improve the screening process, we can adopt the method of enlarging the mesh, or wet screening.

Materials with moisture content (when mud content is more than 8%) should be wet sieving or pre-washing.

The screening capacity of lzzg tailings dewatering screen

The effect of the properties of tailings dewatering screen and its structural parameters. For certain materials, the productivity and screening efficiency of the sieve are determined by the mesh size. The productivity depends on the width of the sieve,and the width of the screen is high. The screening efficiency depends on the screen length. The longer the screen is, the higher the screening efficiency is.