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The sixth generation of fine sand recovery device


For the current downturn in the commodity market, mining and aggregate producers are increasingly changing business ideas, seek partners through technology, with more wisdom and efficient ways of design, operation and maintenance of the production process, thereby reducing efficiency, to improve the profit rate. For the natural sand field, the optimal gradation can get good performance of concrete, maximally save the amount of cement, should adopt the best economic gradation reduce disposable feeding amount.

The sixth generation of fine sand recovery device (dehydration type fine sand recycling machine) is LZZG own patent, absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining with the actual situation of sand and gravel, with the international advanced level. Sixth generation often used in ceramic raw material processing system dehydration step and concentrator tailings recycling, quartz sand, sand and gravel processing system of hydropower station processing system, can effectively solve the problem of recycling sand, thin material.

fine sand recovery device

The spiral sand washing machine is generally used in the traditional artificial wet sand processing plant. The loss of fine sand almost can not be controlled. The six generation of recycling machine, can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand, make its control within 5%-10%, to be a good solution to the high fineness modulus of finished sand, stone powder content is low the problem appeared in the artificial aggregate processing system.
Specific performance as below:
1. Polyurethane sieve with a longer life and no plug hole.
2. Fully recovered fine material, increase profits
3. Low invest in cleaning sedimentation tank
4. Polyurethane inside hydrocyclone, makes the material slurry concentration, liquid clarification
5. Different solutions to various requirements