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The workings of vibrating screen in fine sand recycling system


Fine sand recycling machine the main parts of vibrating screen, this is the most basic elements of the different effects of vibrating screen.According to the basic principle, we can according to different field, different material properties, material in a different way, to design vibrating screen.The vibrating screen design generally cannot leave, angle of the general design, layer design, vibration, as well as the location of the different special design.


Vibration position method can be divided into:

  1. Seismic design is mainly applied to large particles on closed or open screening application (input).Also applies to the moisture content of material screening (motor don’t contact with water).
  2. At the bottom of the lateral vibration machine is mainly used in installation, the need of high requirements, also can deal with materials with moisture and screening.
  3. Under the earthquake type is a common type, the majority of the vibrating screen are no special requirements vibration source design are installed according to the bottom of the design.

Vibrating screen design discharge direction

Vibrating screen discharging mode can be divided into: flange discharging mouth and stationary discharging mouth;Flange discharging mouth discharge port is activity type, detachable, easy to rapidly replace the screen needs;Fixed discharging mouth you will need to provide direction of field use.

Vibrating screen installation of French: installation is divided into: trawl and screen pack net type two kinds.The user can choose according to their own convenience degree of Ann network way!

In short: vibrating screen design cannot be separated from the most basic mode and Ann network mode of transmission, various types of vibrating screen are need to pay attention to the structure of reasonable design, to create a more practical, durable equipment vibrating screen points.