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Three advantages of sand washing and dewatering machine


Whether artificial sand, or natural sand, require after washing, can be put into use, so the sand washing equipment is essential.And wash the sand in the finished work, we use the sand washing and dewatering machinewhy choose it? because it has many characteristics, then we will collect all, look at these features as following.


High precision

Oneof the greatest characteristic of high qualitysand washing and dewatering machine is cleanlinessafter washingof sand and gravel.And this is evaluating a machine work ability and the performance is the first standard, through the washing of stone, the sandstone with wash all dirt and other debris, reach high clarity and a washing, don’t repeat washing, improve work efficiency.The second characteristic is, wash out the sand quality.Ordinary sand washing machine wash after sand inside also contain a lot of water, this is very affect the quality of the sand, sand also buy not only on price, sand washing and dewatering machine wash the sand is not only clean and integrated water content is very low.

The function is all ready

One machine is a device of mature performance, and multi-usage sand washing and dewatering machine can work for customers to save costs and complexity.It not only can wash, also can undertake dehydration and grading function, such as multiple functions for it can simplify the assembly line, let the complexity of the equipment and size smaller, suitable for all kinds of particle materials for washing work.


  • Structure optimization

Wash the sand should be durable, dehydration machine reasonable structure of the equipment is easier to achieve such a request.We produce washing sand with the new product is fully closed structure, dehydration machine impeller device such as a key drive bearing and water isolation, so you don’t have to worry about the bearing will be because of flooding caused by the wear of intensified.And a new type of sand washing and dewatering machine stable cavity, good sealing, fine workmanship.