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Environment-friendly Vibrating Dewateing Screen realizes the economic cycle development.



Vibrating Dewateing Screen is a common sand-making equipment in sand production line. The traditional Vibrating Dewateing Screen to dehydrate, sieve is generally open work, which can make noise, dust, sewage and other pollution, seriously damaging the environment. In order to solve these problems to achieve sustainable development, a new generation of environment-friendly Vibrating Dewateing Screen has been produced, and becomes an important link in promoting the development of green economy.

In the case of dust, the dust pollution in the Vibrating Dewateing Screen is not only from the raw material itself. In most cases, the dust pollution comes from the different operation stages of the Vibrating Dewateing Screen, including feeding, dehydration, conveying, screening and transportation. The dust not only cause harm to the environment, even cause damage to the production line operators healthy body, so it also illustrates that the environment-friendly Vibrating Dewateing Screen in the future market will clamp down on the original system of sand production equipment.