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Vigorously develop the tailings tailings recycling equipment


Luoyang Longzhong heavy positive response to the call of the policy, seize the opportunity, vigorously develop the innovation of environmental protection and recycling recycling equipment, such as fine sand recovery machine, dry tailings discharge system to solve the sand washing wastewater straight row of pollution and improve the quality of aggregate, turning waste into treasure, the tailings to be fully comprehensive utilization!

Ore dressing operation using tailings discharging dryly, small construction investment, short construction period, quick effect, overall operating costs not than the number of tailings Kugel; and the use of tailings drained after, tailings wastewater recycling utilization rate increased dramatically, recycling. Original tail slurry by dry processing equipment after tail slag can be used for filling, farmland, brick comprehensive utilization, turning waste into treasure, so that resources are fully utilized, for the enterprise to create value, creating benefits for society.