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What are the advantages of tailings dewatering equipment?


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The technology of tailings dewatering equipment has the following advantages:
1, improve the safety performance of tailings. By using dewatering technology, the tailings water content reduced to below 25%, by appropriate tailings can prevent tailings kouin penetration and dam break and lead to safety and environmental problems.
2, effectively prolong the service life of the original design of tailings. For closed tailing ponds can be reused for the tailings extended service can increase capacity.
3, improve the utilization rate of return water. Because of the dewatering tailings can effectively avoid underground seepage, surface evaporation and other factors, so as to improve the utilization rate of the plant return to more than 80%, saving the new water supply.
4, reduce the occupation of land resources. Because the tailings after the drying treatment reached quite high concentrations can be built conventional tailings in the tailings and safe storage in Canyon, low-lying, flat, slope and other terrain conditions, the tailings disposal is greatly simplified, but also greatly saves tailings covers an area of.
5, reduce the construction and operation costs of conventional tailings. The application of the technology of the tailings dewatering is more suitable for the environment of the flat terrain and the dry environment.
6, to reduce the pollution of the ecological environment. Through dewatering tailings pile of application technology, flotation and chemical processing method to add medicament can be re entered the beneficiation flowsheet, extent reduced the dosage, improves the process index, reduced due to penetration, environmental pollution caused by emissions, dewatering after the reactor can reclamation and ecological restoration, reduce dust pollution to the surrounding environment, land desertification, in a certain extent, effectively solves the problem of mining enterprises of environmental protection and the profit of the enterprise.